The UK has the largest population of Japanese people living in Europe, estimated at around 65,000. Our West London facility is close to the largest Japanese community in the UK.

We advertise for potential volunteers on Japanese language websites and in publications for Japanese residents of the UK. We have a recruitment website with useful information and an online registration form. Japanese people can also contact us directly using our dedicated telephone line or email.

In 2010, we acquired the Japanese volunteer recruitment staff and database of InCROM Europe, a Japanese CRO that specialised in bridging studies. They had recruited around 700 Japanese volunteers for over 30 trials. We have nearly 6000 Japanese volunteers in our database. Volunteers for most Japanese bridging studies must be: aged 20-65 years; born in Japan; and hold a Japanese passport. Also, they must not have lived outside Japan for more than 5 years, and their parents and grandparents must be ethnically Japanese. The majority of volunteers in our database meet those criteria.

Volunteers tend to come back to do our trials. Here’s some positive feedback from their experience.


(Nurses were very friendly and welcoming and because of that, I was happy to spend time on the ward. Especially the care from Japanese nurses was excellent. )



(Thank you for looking after me for 2 weeks. I’d love to come back again!!)

Japanese volunteers registered with us, November 2017

November 2017MaleFemaleTotal
Total Volunteers310527905895
Age < 20 7411
Age 20-299986281626
Age 30-39149114622953
Age 40-49295385680
Age 50+7191162

* Not specified at registration